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In recent years, power quality has become an issue of increasing concern to all parties in the supply and use of electricity, especially in the electronics manufacturing industry, various equipment manufacturers, textile industry, food industry, paper industry, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. , Has a large number of very sensitive electrical equipment. Devices and equipment used in industry, including microprocessor control devices and electrical devices, are sensitive to various types of power disturbances in addition to power failure. The reason for these concerns about power quality lies in the measurement of power quality changes and disturbance characteristics of different industrial types.

  The factors that cause power quality disturbances usually include load switching, system failure, motor startup, load changes, non-linear loads, intermittent loads and electric arc furnaces. These factors cause many disturbances, such as shock, low power factor, voltage sag, harmonic distortion, power failure, flicker, and signal voltage.

The automobile manufacturing industry is a typical heavy industry. Its electricity demand has many characteristics such as large electric energy demand, low power factor of electric equipment, many typical non-linear loads and shock load equipment, high power quality requirements, etc., and voltage fluctuations in the production process , Flicker, three-phase imbalance and harmonic pollution form sharp contradictions.

In the traditional four major automobile manufacturing processes, although the technologies and processes of different manufacturers are different to a certain extent, in recent years, they have been automated in the same way, such as flexible automatic production lines composed of high-end CNC punch presses, painting robots, welding robots, and hoisting robot arms A large number of industrial robots are put into use.

While automation equipment improves work efficiency and reduces labor, it also creates a series of problems. Now Xiaoku will briefly introduce you from the following 4 aspects.

Power quality analysis of stamping process

The automobile stamping process mainly consists of high-precision CNC punching machine, plasma cutting machine, robot arm and worktable. Its power unit frequency conversion motor is a typical harmonic source and impact load, with low power factor and 5, 7th harmonic pollution. Seriously wait.

Power quality analysis of welding process

The welding position of the automobile is different, and the welding methods used are also different. The common welding equipment mainly includes point welding, projection welding, argon arc welding and carbon dioxide shielded welding. Among them, spot welding is used more frequently and the generated harmonics are caused. The three-phase voltage is unbalanced, the neutral line current is too large, the skin effect is serious, and the power factor is low.

Analysis of Power Quality in Coating Process

The main equipment of the coating process is power electronic devices, spray guns and large-capacity heating equipment, and most of them use rectification and frequency conversion technology, which causes on-site harmonic pollution. Among them, the power factor of the heating equipment is low, which causes a large waste of electrical energy. The inductive reactive power is large, the power factor is low, and the harmonic current pollution is serious.

Power quality analysis of final assembly process

The final assembly process in modern automobile manufacturing uses a large number of industrial robots to assist operations, and a large number of components such as diodes, transistors, rectifier bridges and switching power supplies will be integrated, which will cause harmonic pollution and interfere with the normal operation of equipment. In severe cases, it will affect the normal operation of industrial robots. Service life etc.

Aiming at the above industrial load scenarios, our company and equipped with special customized products, professionally solve the problems of unqualified power quality in industrial applications, short life of manufacturing equipment, and unqualified products.

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