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Communication industry

Factors affecting power quality in communications and IT industries:

The communication industry requires continuous and uninterrupted power supply, whether it is a base station, IDC machine room, hub station or electronic information machine room. The main loads in the communication industry are UPS, communication equipment, inverter air conditioners, etc. Among them, the thyristor rectifier circuit of high-power UPS, the switching power supply of communication equipment, and the inverter of air conditioner will cause serious distortion of the input current.

The 5th, 7th, 11th, and 13th harmonics generated by non-linear loads, although the content of harmonic currents produced by different devices have large differences, they are generally higher, and the current total harmonic distortion rate THDi even exceeds 50% (Generally more than 30%) Among them, the 5th, 7th, and 11th harmonic currents are the most serious, and sometimes contain more 3rd harmonics.

Problems frequently encountered in the communications industry:

(1) The existing reactive power compensation equipment cannot work normally or frequently burns down;

(2) In the communication system, harmonics interfere with the adjacent communication system. In the lighter case, noise is generated, which reduces the quality of communication, and the computer cannot work normally; in the worst case, it causes information loss and system crash;

(3) Leading to the refusal or misoperation of the relay protection, the inaccurate measurement of electrical measuring instruments, and the serious interference or even burning of precision electronic equipment

Our communication industry application products have an enhanced static var generator ASVG which can provide dynamic compensation and at the same time provide filtering function, which perfectly solves the rapid load change and large harmonics in the communication industry. At the same time, a source filter device can be installed to control the harmonics of the load sensitive to the harmonics of the communication equipment and improve the power quality.

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