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Medical industry

In order to improve the level of medical services, modern medical institutions continue to introduce new and complex advanced medical equipment such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), whole-body spiral CT scanners, high-frequency electrosurgical units, etc., and these advanced medical equipment are of superior quality. Computer components and a large number of highly sensitive microelectronic devices have high requirements for the harmonic quality of the power supply.

Due to the existence of high-order harmonics, operators often encounter failures of these advanced medical instruments and equipment in their work, such as data errors, blurred images, loss of information, and work interference. At worst, the hardware is suddenly damaged, the software is impacted, and the equipment cannot continue to work normally. Especially instruments and equipment that detect human bioelectric signals, such as ECG machines, monitors, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment and other instruments that directly contact the human body, because the signals are very weak, if they are interfered, the detection results such as waveforms, A distortion (harmonic) similar to certain lesions is superimposed on graphics and images to cause misdiagnosis and at the same time cause micro electric shocks, and in severe cases, life-threatening.

1) Operating room

There are electrosurgical units, defibrillators, electrocardiographs, etc. in the operating room. Harmonic pollution can cause changes in the output data of the electrocardiographs and malfunction of the gamma counter software.

2) ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

When providing support to patients in the ICU ward, many medical equipment, such as ECG monitors, multi-function ventilators, ECG machines, and pacemakers, must be placed and used near the patient. Harmonic pollution is serious and complicated, and harmonic protection measures should be taken.

3) Department of Radiotherapy

If mobile radiation dose measurement systems (such as rate meters, calibration rooms, etc.) in the radiotherapy department suffer from high-order harmonic interference, their embedded electronic components may record noise and change data output.

4) Medical imaging room

Gamma counters, mobile X-ray machines, etc. are extremely susceptible to high-order harmonic interference and change data output.

5) Hospital information network system

The characteristics of medical treatment determine that the hospital information network system must operate stably without gaps 24 hours a day. High-order harmonic pollution often causes these intelligent system equipment to produce error codes, error codes, and malfunction; program operation errors, data errors, time errors, crashes, restarts for no reason, or even paralysis of the entire network occur during operation.

In view of the special status of power quality in hospitals, harmonic control must start from the source.

The ECG (electrocardiogram) in the outpatient department of a hospital is particularly sensitive to harmonics; when a harmonic source such as an electrosurgical instrument approaches the outpatient department, the output data of the ECG will change, and even useful signals will be completely covered and cannot be identified. Install Fei Lai’s active filter device Frel-PQ-APF/100A-3P4L on the main incoming line side of the hospital’s substation to control harmonics on the power side, and install Frel-PQ-HP1000- at the power input end of the equipment 3 Harmonic protector performs harmonic control, and user-side harmonics are suppressed.

The active filter device Frel-PQ-APF/100A-3P4L will provide a guarantee for modern medical institutions to use advanced medical equipment safely and efficiently. The Frel-PQ harmonic protector can effectively eliminate and absorb the high voltage generated in the equipment. Sub-harmonics, clean electrical energy, reduce damage and misoperation of medical equipment, ensure the normal work of medical staff and the safety of patients, but also increase the service life of the equipment and reduce equipment repair and maintenance costs.

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