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data center

The ten years of data center HVDC development should be said to be the ten years of HVDC progress and glory, and also the ten years of progress in the domestic power electronics industry. To evaluate the current advantages and development trends of a disruptive technology, the three data of usage growth, user growth, and number of standards are the gold standards.

Technical parameters of HVDC DC power supply:

Stabilization accuracy

       The voltage regulation accuracy should be better than ±0.6%.

Peak-to-peak noise voltage

       The peak-to-peak voltage of the DC output terminal of the rectifier module in the frequency band of 0MHz~20MHz should not be greater than 0.5% of the nominal value of the output voltage.

Load effect (load regulation rate)

       The difference between the DC output voltage and the output voltage setting value under different load conditions should not exceed ±0.5% of the output voltage setting value.

Load effect recovery time (dynamic response)

       The recovery time after the DC output voltage change caused by the step change (abrupt change) of the load should not exceed 200μs, and the overshoot should not exceed ±5% of the output voltage setting value.

Switch machine overshoot range

       The maximum peak value of the DC output voltage change caused by the switch machine should not exceed 5% of the DC output voltage setting value.

Start surge current (surge current)

       The input impulse current caused by starting should not be more than 150% of the maximum steady-state input current peak value under the rated input voltage condition.

Soft start time

       The soft-start time (the time it takes for the DC output voltage to climb to the nominal value from start-up) can be determined according to user requirements, generally 3s to 10s.


       The battery of the system is generally set to 2 groups, and the maximum should not exceed 4 groups.

Load sharing (parallel operation) performance

       The rectifier modules in the system should be able to work in parallel, and when the load is 50% to 100% of the rated output current, it should be able to share the load proportionally. When the monitoring module is working normally, its unbalance should not be greater than ± of the rated output current 5%. When the monitoring module is abnormal, the system output will not be interrupted, and its unbalance degree should be within ±10% of the rated output current.

When a single rectifier module is abnormal, it should not affect the normal operation of the system. When the system does not stop working, it should be possible to replace the abnormal rectifier module.

HVDC replaces UPS

In order to further improve efficiency and reduce energy loss, Frel HVDC adopts fully integrated technology, which converts from 10KV directly into the system, and rectifies AC power to DC power through only one rectification. Joining Fei Lai Electric Frel HVDC energy router, eliminating the intermediate link of 10KV to 380V and then to DC, directly converts 10KV into usable power supply for data center equipment, and realizes stable and uninterrupted power supply.

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