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The civil infrastructure construction of Guizhou Tire Vietnam Plant has started

datetime: 2020-12-05 17:10:37

The civil infrastructure construction of Guizhou Tire Vietnam Plant has started

A few days ago, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guizhou City stated that it is located in Longjiang Industrial Park, Qianjiang Province, Vietnam, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guizhou Tire Co., Ltd.-Qianjin Tire (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. Annually produces 1.2 million all-steel radial tires (hereinafter referred to as: Guizhou Tire Vietnam Project), overcoming the impact of the epidemic, the construction of civil infrastructure such as factories and workshops has started in full swing and is under construction.

As the first “Belt and Road” demonstration project for a municipal state-owned enterprise to go global, it marks the entry of a full implementation stage in Vietnam. The project has a planned total land area of approximately 301 mu in Tien Giang Province, Vietnam. It will construct infrastructure including rubber refining workshops, radial tire production workshops, testing centers, and sewage treatment stations. The planned investment is RMB 1.476 billion and the construction period is 14 months. After it is completed and put into production, it can achieve an annual output of 1.2 million all-steel radial tires and an annual sales income of approximately RMB 1.028 billion.

Since the start of the Guizhou Tire Vietnam project in 2018, it has successively completed relevant procedures in Vietnam such as investment licenses, corporate overseas investment certificates, project planning permits, fire protection construction review permits, and environmental assessment permits. This year, due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the production and supply of imported equipment and parts needed for construction are at a standstill. Guizhou Tire actively responded to difficulties and pushed forward the construction process as planned.

According to Huang Gege, Chairman of Guizhou Tire, after the implementation of the project, the production capacity of Guizhou tire export products will be transferred in a stable and orderly manner, overseas production and overseas sales will be realized, so that Guizhou Tire will effectively face the long-term and frequent international trade friction. The status quo of sexuality has been alleviated, and actively cultivate foreign raw material supply bases, break through development bottlenecks, and improve the international competitiveness of enterprises. According to estimates, the project will reduce transportation and management costs by about 50 million yuan per year, greatly shorten transportation distance and time, speed up the turnover of raw materials, finished products, and capital, and improve the company's operating efficiency.

Fei Lai Electric provides power quality products for this project, as well as reactive power compensation equipment for its production line, including high-voltage SVG compensation devices, active filter cabinets and static var generator SVG cabinets.

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