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Static Var Generator (SVG)

Technical parameter
Rated voltage
Rated frequency
Wiring mode
Three-wire three-wire/three-phase four-wire
Fast response time
Protection level

Brief introduction

Static var generator, English description: Static Var Generator, referred to as SVG. Also known as high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation generator, or static synchronous compensator. It refers to a device for dynamic reactive power compensation with a power semiconductor bridge converter with free commutation. SVG is currently the best solution in the field of reactive power control. Compared with traditional tuning cameras, capacitor reactors, and traditional SVC with thyristor controlled reactor TCR as the main representative, SVG has unparalleled advantages.

Application occasion

All places where low-voltage transformers are installed and large-scale electrical equipment should be equipped with reactive power compensation devices (this is the regulation of the national power department), especially those in industrial and mining, enterprises, and residential areas with low power factors. Large asynchronous motors, transformers, electric welding machines, presses, lathes, air compressors, presses, cranes, smelting, steel rolling, aluminum rolling, large switches, electric irrigation equipment, electric locomotives, etc. are especially needed. In addition to incandescent lighting in residential areas, air conditioners and refrigerators are also non-negligible consumers of reactive power. The electricity consumption in rural areas is relatively poor. In most areas, the power supply is insufficient, the voltage fluctuates greatly, and the power factor is particularly low. The installation of compensation equipment is an effective measure to improve the power supply situation and increase the utilization rate of electric energy.


1. Compensation method: The domestic reactive power compensation device basically uses capacitors for reactive power compensation, and the power factor after compensation is generally about 0.8-0.9. SVG uses power modules for reactive power compensation. The compensated power factor is generally above 0.98, which is currently the most advanced power technology in the world.

2. Compensation time: It takes 200 milliseconds for the domestic reactive power compensation device to complete a compensation at the fastest, and SVG can complete a compensation within 5-20 milliseconds. Reactive power compensation needs to be completed instantaneously. If the compensation time is too long, it will cause a bad situation when there is no reactive power when it should be reactive, and it will happen when it should not be reactive;

3. Stepless and stepless: The domestic reactive power compensation device basically adopts the 3-10 stepped compensation, and every increase or decrease of one level is tens of thousands of vale, which cannot achieve accurate compensation. SVG can perform stepless compensation starting from 0.1 kvar, fully realizing accurate compensation;

4. Harmonic filtering: Because the domestic reactive power compensation device adopts the capacitive type, the capacitor itself will amplify the harmonics, so it can't filter the harmonics at all. SVG does not generate harmonics and will not amplify harmonics, and can filter In addition to harmonics above 50%;

5. Service life: The domestic reactive power compensation device generally adopts contactor or thyristor control, resulting in a short service life, usually about three years, with large self-loss and frequent maintenance. The service life of SVG is more than ten years, its own loss is very small and basically no maintenance.

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