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APF/SVG+TSC hybrid full-efficiency comprehensive compensation device

Technical parameter
Rated voltage
Rated frequency
Filtering capability
Within capacity 97%
Wiring mode
Fast response time
Protection level
Temperature range

APF/SVG+TSC hybrid full-efficiency comprehensive compensation device


1) Integration: integrating APF/SVG and TSC module control into one, the product can not only finely compensate reactive power, but also realize large-capacity compensation.

2) Intelligence: On the basis of high-performance hardware, combined with advanced and mature software applications such as signal acquisition and network communication, it can realize the accurate display of the electrical energy parameters (voltage, current, operating status, etc.) of the TSC module, and automatic troubleshooting and alarms And other functions.

3) Structural design: Unified structural design. TSC module structure adopts unified design with APF/SVG structure to make wiring more convenient, installation more modular, and production easier.

4) Zero switching: Adopting mature reactive power compensation control technology and capacitor thyristor switching technology, using detection SCR zero-crossing technology, realizes zero-inrush switching of TSC modules, greatly improving the electrical service life.

5) Diversified control: level signals can be used to control the switching of TSC modules, or the communication mode can be used to control the switching of TSC modules to meet various control requirements.

6) Diversified capacitor configuration: The capacity configuration of the TSC module can be set according to actual needs. The TSC module can not only be configured with compensation but also configured with separate compensation. A total of 1 way supplement design).

Main parameters of APF/SVG+TSC

Rated capacity: APF/SVG single module maximum 100kvar, TSC single module 100kvar;

Rated voltage: 380V (-20%~+15%);

Power supply system frequency: 50Hz ±10%;

Operating efficiency: ≥97% (when operating at rated capacity);

Response speed: ≤10ms;

Active power loss: <2.5%;

Wiring mode: three-phase four-wire/three-wire;

Current-limiting capacity: the current-limiting is at 100% of the device capacity, and the device will not be overloaded;

Communication interface: RS485 communication interface, Modbus communication protocol;

Noise level: ≤60dB at rated power output (1m away from the equipment);

Cooling method: forced air cooling;

Expansion function: modular design, support multi-machine parallel expansion.

Signal switching: 16 switching signals (total complement / sub-complement arbitrary combination)

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