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Power capacitor

Technical parameter
Rated voltage
Single-phase 280V/Three-phase 480V
Rated frequency
Wiring mode
Three-phase three-wire
Protection level
Relevant standards
IEC 60831-1-2002

Power capacitor products

Feilai Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of power capacitors. The technical advantages of its shunt capacitor products are as follows:

1. Overload capacity superior to national standards

The maximum overcurrent capacity of A series products can reach 2.5 times the rated current, the maximum overcurrent capacity of B series products can reach 1.8 times the rated current, and the maximum overvoltage capacity can reach 1.3 times the rated voltage.

2. Advantages of production process

The special coating process ensures good capacitor self-healing performance and stable electrical performance

Qualitative, low capacity attenuation rate and longer life.

The high temperature resistant polypropylene film produced by the brand imported from Finland for Borealis high isotactic particles ensures more stable product performance.

The internal potting material of capacitor products is PU resin (environmentally friendly degradable soft resin)

Its advantage lies in ensuring the compatibility of the internal filling material and the film. The product can be used normally under the environment of -40℃~+60℃, and its physical and electrical properties will not change. In addition, the trace moisture of the internal components Controllable state, thus ensuring the consistency and stability of product quality.

3. Advantages of thin film technology

ü The product film adopts wave slitting technology to reduce loss and improve the ability of capacitors to withstand surge current, which is the key to improving the service life of capacitors. This technology solves the problem of poor contact between the gold-sprayed layer and the metalized film and increases product loss, increases the contact area between the gold-sprayed layer and the metalized film, and the impact resistance of the capacitor has been greatly improved.

4. Security

Ensure that the capacitor can be cut off when it is damaged to prevent the capacitor from catching fire and exploding

Overvoltage protection device

Function: When the effective life of the capacitor ends or a short circuit occurs, the internal pressure generated by the decomposition of the film caused by the overheating of the short-circuit current is used to disconnect the terminal node.

The protection function is realized by specialized engineering technology

Internal fuse protection

Function: When over current, over temperature, over pressure are generated inside the capacitor, the internal fuse will blow

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