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Reactor products

We can make publicity from wire, silicon steel sheet, craftsmanship and service. This is our advantage.

1. Wire:

The materials are copper and aluminum, and the performance and quality are the same. Our wire insulation is Class H, which can operate normally even at 180°C with low loss, which effectively guarantees the safe operation of the product. Aluminum has low cost and high competitiveness; copper has low unit loss, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but has high procurement costs and low market share. We guarantee that the materials used in the products are genuine and will not be falsified. The price of copper materials is relatively low, so it must be fake or imitated.

2. Silicon steel sheet:

Models are 0.23, 0.27, 0.3, 0.35, 0.5, which are used on demand to ensure product quality and reliable operation.

3. Copper nose: National standard red copper, large current capacity, low heat

4. Insulating paint: Class H insulating paint, with strong insulation, high temperature resistance and high strength.

5. Insulation pad: Insulate the screw between the silicon steel sheets to prevent local short circuits caused by the screw, which may cause accidents due to local heating of the silicon steel sheets.

6. Welding:

The company's proprietary resistance welding process can evenly heat the heated workpiece, ensuring full welding and reliable bonding of the workpiece. The Sanhe welding wire used for solder has high bonding strength, good flowability of the wire, and high adhesion to copper and aluminum.

7. Process:

Winding: Use a constant pressure pneumatic pressing device to ensure the consistency of the winding product, and the appearance is neat. The wire package does not use manual tapping to prevent the insulation paint from being damaged, causing inter-layer and inter-turn short circuits, and improving product reliability ‚Wire end welding: use resistance welding high temperature fusion welding process to ensure 100% welding between the wire and the terminal to avoid damage due to poor contact. ƒLamination: Using pneumatic lamination device, the amount of silicon steel sheet can be accurate to the number of sheets to ensure the consistency of the product ④Dipping: Vacuum dipping guarantees 100% impregnation. Class H insulation, strengthen insulation, prevent rust from affecting product quality.

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