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Reactive power compensation controller

Technical parameter
Rated voltage
AC 380V
Rated frequency
Wiring mode
Three-phase four-wire
Protection level
Relevant standards
"JB/T9663-2013" and "DL/T597-1996"

Frelai electric reactive power automatic compensation controller is equipped with a large-screen backlit LCD Chinese liquid crystal display, which can be easily read even in a very dark environment.

The design of this machine uses advanced MCU as the core component. The three-phase AC synchronous sampling method is adopted to monitor and process various parameters of the power grid in real time. It not only has the conventional three-phase balance compensation control method, but also has the function of single-phase unbalance compensation, making the compensation effect more refined. In terms of operational safety protection, in addition to basic over-voltage, under-voltage, harmonic voltage, and harmonic current protection, the core component capacitors of reactive power compensation have also been "turned on and off time control" and "protected time control". Double time control protection design.

In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the compensation equipment, this machine is equipped with alarms, temperature control and other functions. For example, the operation problems caused by factors such as abnormal system voltage and current, high harmonics, and high operating environment temperature will be detected in time. The controller provides RS-485 communication interface and supports MODBUS-RTU protocol to access the bus.

Comply with the relevant content of "JB/T9663-2013" and "DL/T597-1996" standards.

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